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Barbara --

I try to fill them in whenever we have them, which as I recall is not always. 
My feeling is that they are mainly useful for picking out the very best and the 
very worst -- the far ends of the bell curve -- but not for the majority of 
cases in between. I would worry if conference organizers used them to 
distinguish, say, between folks with 61% approval and those with 59%, or even 
49%. (And the truth is that sometimes I don't know why a given presentation 
worked or didn't work for me -- so my reaction might have had nothing to do 
with the speaker's style or substance!)


> We've all flogged this particular issue enough, I'm sure, but I do have one 
> question for people on the list. This question is a result of my own reflection 
> on my earlier postings about MGC, NERGC, and the BCG Ed Fund aggressively using 
> evaluations. I realized that I didn't fill them in for the few speeches I did 
> hear at the last NERGC.
> How many of us have been regularly filling-in these evaluation forms at 
> national conferences?
> Barbara

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