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Mon Oct 5 13:24:08 MDT 2009

On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 1:01 PM, Richard A. Pence
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> Everyone seems to be losing sight of the essential point here. What you are
> talking about is an INDEX not a literal transcription. If an attempt is
> made
> to assist you in finding the family you are looking for by adding a
> township
> when one is not actually listed on the page, so much the better.

Richard, If I was using a deed index and it said the deed between two
parties was located in Book 1: 303 and the deed was actually located in Book
A: 303, this would make a great deal of difference and definitely waste some
time and money. Whether or not this is considered an index, wouldn't we want
it to be a correct index?


> And Michael, while I am never too astonished by what I see some
> "genealogists" do, I would presume that ALL professionals would create
> their
> citations from the actual images and NEVER rely on what is in the indexes
> they use to find those images.

I would presume the same, but not everyone on this list is a professional
genealogist, so maybe this thread will help others correctly cite their

> Rondina
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