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I believe the description may be an anomaly, however, I'm wondering if the
practice of assigning township names when none is specified on the return by
Ancestry is. From reading your article, I suspect it is more common than I
previously thought. The 1810 census page with the description can be found


The image shows two pages. The description is on the lower portion (page
104, lower right corner). I went back to the image on HeritageQuest and ran
through several images for this county. I noted that they had an image
mislabeled also. I depend on the image to give me the information I need for
the location. If I don't find the information I need, I begin the hunt
backwards and forwards to find the location. If I still have problems I
access the NARA publication. My surprise may be due to the fact that all my
census images up until about January 2006 originally came from NARA
microfilm publications. I was in the habit of looking at the images and
relying solely on them for my information. I'm behind the curve in noticing


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> Rondina --
> Is that land description a little-noticed common fact, or a gift of that
> enumerator (much like the 1850 US census returns for Edgar County,
> Illinois,
> which give counties of birth)?
> Not sure this is on point, but I wrote up a botched township assignment in
> the
> Ancestry.com rendition of the 1865 Illinois state census for Kane County,
> in
> the summer Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly. (Now also at
> http://www.midwestroots.net/?page_id=729 thanks to the kind permission of
> the
> editor.)
> Harold
> >
> > Whilewe are discussing web site images, I would like to bring up
> something I
>  > caught this week. Michael John Neill writes a newsletter called
> *Casefile
> > Clues.* This past week he discussed a census record from 1810.
> Ancestry.com
> > clearly labels the record as being from a specific township. If I go over
> to
> > the image on HeritageQuest, no such township is cited. *No Twp Listed* I
> > clicked on the browse feature and the enumerator gave a description of
> the land
> > on the first page (which I have never seen before). The land description
> itself
> > did not match with the topography of the area, but this is beside the
> point.
> > What I was concerned about was the assignment of a fictitious *township*
> name
> > based on this description. I'm wondering if anyone else has taken note of
> such
> > cases.
> >
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