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On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 5:30 AM, Suzanne Johnston <suemj at verizon.net> wrote
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> However, I do disagree with your thoughts on problem-solving lectures. I
> would attend the type of lecture you describe and I think there are
> others who would do the same. New ideas should be tried at national
> conferences. One or two of this type of presentation could be done for
> one or two years; if they all fall flat, they would be discontinued. How
> can anyone predict attendance for this type of lecture without trying it
> at least once? Don't we read the NSG Quarterly, or TAG, or TG, or NEHGR,
> even when the article doesn't discuss our geographic area of interest or
> our family?


I'm in agreement with you. As I stated before, the best lecture I ever
attended was by Helen Leary who covered a case study. This is not a new
idea. I do think the draw for many of us is the methodology and has nothing
to do with the ethnicity or region being researched. We have an
ever-evolving effort to think outside of the box. When I heard Helen, I had
never written a research report or taken a client. Listening to her go
through a difficult case blew me away. Absolutely fascinating.

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