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Rondina --

Is that land description a little-noticed common fact, or a gift of that 
enumerator (much like the 1850 US census returns for Edgar County, Illinois, 
which give counties of birth)? 

Not sure this is on point, but I wrote up a botched township assignment in the 
Ancestry.com rendition of the 1865 Illinois state census for Kane County, in 
the summer Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly. (Now also at 
http://www.midwestroots.net/?page_id=729 thanks to the kind permission of the 


> Whilewe are discussing web site images, I would like to bring up something I 
> caught this week. Michael John Neill writes a newsletter called *Casefile 
> Clues.* This past week he discussed a census record from 1810. Ancestry.com 
> clearly labels the record as being from a specific township. If I go over to 
> the image on HeritageQuest, no such township is cited. *No Twp Listed* I 
> clicked on the browse feature and the enumerator gave a description of the land 
> on the first page (which I have never seen before). The land description itself 
> did not match with the topography of the area, but this is beside the point. 
> What I was concerned about was the assignment of a fictitious *township* name 
> based on this description. I'm wondering if anyone else has taken note of such 
> cases.
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