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Arne --

Good for you! I think you have read EE correctly; I think it would be wise to 
mention how Ancestry interprets the pagination, because a lot of people will 
see the page in question as the "left side" of 218 rather than the "back" side 
of 217.

I also think (now stepping off the edge...) that any of these systems will do 
the two jobs a citation has to do. If I ever had the guts (and the extra 
lifetime) to clean up my own database, this would be one of the last things I 
would worry about.


> I'm cleaning up a lot of source citations after switching from FTM16 to RM4.
> The 1840 census for Warren County Ohio has no page numbers on the left
> sheet which lists the households and has a stamped number 218 on the
> facing right sheet
> http://search.ancestry.com/iexec/?htx=View&r=an&dbid=8057&iid=OHM704_431-0436&fn=Henry+C&ln=Jones&st=d&ssrc=&pid=3346840
> I'm working on line 13 which Ancestry has indexed as "Wentel" Waggoner
> [name was actually Ventel/Ventle]
> The Ancestry.com source citation calls the left sheet page 218.
> EE page 260 indicates that the pages should be cited as folio 218
> (recto or front) and folio 218 (verso or back)
> I'm interpreting EE page 260 to mean that I should cite the page for
> the above example as 217 (back) line 13 since it is physically located
> on the reverse side of the page stamped 217.
> I've got a lot of similar citations to fix.  Before I do that, I would
> appreciate some feedback on whether I've interpreted EE page 260
> correctly.
> If 217 (back) is correct, would you suggest that the citation point
> out that ancestry.com calls it page 218?
> Thank you.
> Arne Trelvik
> Lebanon, Ohio
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