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Pamela J. Nixon pnixon15378 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 4 05:28:49 MDT 2009

     I would love to see more genealogy education and conference topics offered as remote lectures through the new technologies of webinars, podcasts, and videocasts or even having a degree or certification program were lectures could be attended using these new technologies and assignments could be turned in through electronic means.  
     I am currently building my genealogy research business to eventually be my full-time profession, but I must still maintain a full-time "day" job due to current economics.  Therefore, my vacation/free time is limited to ten days a year making it extremely difficult be able to attend national conferences and seminars and still balance my family life not to mention the travel costs.  But I also want to advance my genealogical education learning from leading national speakers and authorities, taking subject-specific courses, etc. because continued learning is a necessity to our every changing genealogy world.  
    To that end, I have been seeking out ways to reach my educational goals through these new Internet technologies.  I am now participating in the ProGen 5 Study group online which utilizes a private chat room for discussions which so far has been very worthwhile.  I have been a participant in a few of the Ancestry.com webinars and have found that format to be very convenient also.  I don't have to leave my own home to participate in these two activities, but I am still be able to further my genealogical education goals. 
     As for the instructors, presenters, and organizations, use of these new technologies could greatly increase the number of participants which could also have a greater impact of decreasing the overall cost to put on these types of education programs.  I see it as a win-win situation to make quality genealogy education opportunities available to a larger audience which would be for the betterment of the genealogy industry as a whole.

 Pam Nixon
Whispers From The Past
Family History Research Service
Westland, Pennsylvania USA

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