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I sense that the conference planners and those who have long been involved in speaking at conferences do not want change.  You don't have to change.  You can keep things the way that they are but those that want more in depth genealogical information such as one would find in "continuing education" conferences for other professions, then those people should work together to create such topics that they believe would enhance the genealogical or other related skills of those involved with APG.  I was suggesting a way to do this that is inexpensive and  in a way that this may be done without causing worry to national conference planners. 

It is obvious after reading all posts from yesterday on the APG public list, that a more in depth type of presentation is needed and wanted.  I just read Amy's suggestion regarding trends with immigrants after three generations.  It was fascinating and definitely something I would be interested in knowing more about.  We all have immigrant ancestors (including Roland there in Germany - my guess) someplace.  I know that some of my German ancestors immigrated to the Baden area from Austria.  So, this could be a fascinating, enlightening, topic for us all.  

I was just trying to point out with a "yes we can" attitude (won't say which recent presidential campaign that this worked for) that instead of just talking about this, we can create what we want for genealogists with intermediate and advanced knowledge and research skills.  

If you are happy with things the way that they are, you don't need to worry about that.  You can keep things the way you like them.  But those who expressed the need for something more should be allowed to explore that as well.  Although I suggested the Internet as an inexpensive way to do this, I am definitely open to an in-person professional conference elsewhere.  Logically, at a national conference would be ideal, but since national conference planners may not be willing to provide a track for those who are APG members wanting presentations geared at a more in depth research knowledge level in addition to the APG Professional Management already allowed, it is definitely a thought.  

I believe that all members of APG and this public list should be allowed to express what their needs and wants are.  And, that we can all work together to create something that will benefit us all - meaning genealogists, however we use our skills in our businesses.



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Thanks for your ideas. They deserve to be discussed, enhanced, and brain-stormed. However you need to do some research before making so many false assumptions about both people and organizations and what they will do, what they will not do, what they plan and all the other speculation that have peppered your great ideas in these threads.
National conferences (small letters meaning generic and not just The National Genealogical Society conference) don’t want anything but to provide education to all levels of genealogists, so I would not characterize them as wanting “to keep [conferences] at the basic elementary level.” This is well-demonstrated in the bell-shape of the curve of topic levels and approaches. We see less advanced topics because perhaps our numbers are on the lesser side of the bell. I think the topics match the numbers of the audience, for the most part. The proof there is in the size of the audience in each lecture. In a recent conference I counted about 10% of the total conference attendance in a simple session on cemeteries and tombstone symbols. I counted 5% of that same conference attendance in a couple of the advanced lectures.
Also I also would not assume APG is doing nothing and not willing to do anything without inquiring of its board first. All I can say is they *are* doing something to bring education to the masses via the Internet and it is pretty cool! It is just like being there, except you can’t interrupt the speaker and ask questions. <g> It is not my place to make any announcements but I certainly would stay tuned!
This discussion is a good one because the ideas keep coming… but making sure of that which you speak will progress the ideas and not derail or backtrack them.
-- Elissa in Pittsburgh
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It appears that those involved with the National Conferences want to keep them at the basic elementary level for the benefit of those just starting in genealogy.  Others would like a more what I call a "Continuing Education" type of conference where detailed studies are presented in methology or research.  I believe that both are beneficial.  
Or if APG wanted to create something on its website that would be great as well.  But I'm not sure that APG is willing or able to do something like this.

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