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Who are we really? Professional Genealogy exists in the eye of the beholder.  Are we talking about an occupation with a profession or way of being as an adjective?  Anyone’s definition goes.   In the current marketplace, without a profession, there is no genealogy authority or genealogy system to give legitimacy, cultural authority or occupational control to the definition of “who are we, really”.  Anyone can say, do, or present themselves as whatever: Professional, Expert, Competent, Qualified.  Anyone can be a genealogist; anyone can be a professional genealogist:

Hobbyists, amateurs, workers in genealogy;   anyone who has ever done research (either for money or pro bono  for others or just on their own lines);  anyone who has ever written a blog, an article, a column, or a story or given a lecture, talk, speech, power point presentation or taught genealogy or about genealogy or about one of the products, services or resources of genealogy; or made anything for genealogy, or published anything for or on genealogy; anyone who has a website or doesn’t; anyone who has a degree in genealogy or doesn’t;  anyone who has a certification or accreditation or doesn’t; anyone who is a member of a society or club or isn’t.

All have a say today in what constitutes genealogy or professional genealogy, or who is qualified and competent as practitioner: an expert and a professional.  Without an organized profession and the associated authority, we will continue to have these discussions and never arrive at a determination of "Who Are We, Really?"   A profession is needed in genealogy to be able to answer this question.  

Some things to consider:

Is genealogy a viable occupation?  Should we have a profession for the practitioner? Why is there no profession in genealogy?   Who would benefit from having a real profession in genealogy?  What is stopping us from starting now and organizing a real profession in genealogy?  Why shouldn’t we organize a profession so we can have the authority in Professional Genealogy  to establish best practices, standards, ethics, education degree programs, competency testing and verifiable maintenance, continuing-education, verifiable practitioner credentialing, members-only profession practitioner and trade organizations?  With a real profession in genealogy, what would be the exclusive practitioner title?   
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