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Janice Meredith janicemeredith at cox.net
Fri Oct 2 07:09:36 MDT 2009

I am currently working on what, for me, is an unusual type of research.
Basically it is to find living first and second cousins (and their current
addresses) for a probate case. If deceased, then my charge is to find their
living children (once removeds) with current addresses --- but if their
child/ren are deceased, then their living children (twice removeds). I have
been using various websites that show names, addresses, and telephone
numbers; ie. Switchboard, White Pages, Zabasearch, etc., etc. It appears
that most of these sites do not have current information. I understand that
privacy is a concern for most of us - but my question for you: how often do
these various sites update their information? Which sites seem to be
favorites? Are there other suggestions? While acknowledging our desire for
privacy, I would think most of us would want to be found if it involved an
inheritance. I will appreciate your comments, both onsite or directly to me.

 --Janice Meredith


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