[APG Public List] two questions

Beth Gay bethg at integrity.com
Thu Nov 26 09:33:21 MST 2009

Larry regarding the first question, I own a 64mm Magnabrite Magnifier 
and am a satisfied customer. I purchased the magnifier from the Legacy 
Family Tree Store.
> http://www.legacyfamilytreestore.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=21
There are some reviews on the above page.
Warmest regards, Beth Gay, Auburn AL

LBoswell wrote:
> First has anyone used one of these  Magnabrite Magnifier (see 
> http://globalgenealogy.com/archival/090002.htm ). If you use the 
> _Phillimore Atlas & Index of Parish Registers_ regularly, you'll know 
> why I'm looking for something like this (extremely finely detailed 
> maps, usually consulted in a hurry).  I could buy blow ups of the maps 
> (or do it myself by digitizing them for my own personal use, but that 
> defeats the convenience of having the atlas at hand.

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