[APG Public List] two questions

LBoswell laboswell at rogers.com
Thu Nov 26 08:53:21 MST 2009

First has anyone used one of these  Magnabrite Magnifier (see 
http://globalgenealogy.com/archival/090002.htm ). If you use the _Phillimore 
Atlas & Index of Parish Registers_ regularly, you'll know why I'm looking 
for something like this (extremely finely detailed maps, usually consulted 
in a hurry).  I could buy blow ups of the maps (or do it myself by 
digitizing them for my own personal use, but that defeats the convenience of 
having the atlas at hand.

Second, when a client asks you to contact a third party (a relative) to 
acquire family information, what's your procedure?  In this case it's a 
relative who may hold the original family bible for one of the client's 
lines.  My normal approach is to suggest the client make the contact because 
his family connection will carry more weight than an initial approach from a 
professional researcher (or so that's my take on it).  I often will write 
the contact letter for the client, asking him to add a personal touch (if 
appropriate) to it.

Is that latter approach the one you would use, suggesting the client make 
the contact?  Which approach do you feel is likely to have the best chance 
of success (given a polite, carefully written approach).


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