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Elissa at PowellGenealogy.com:

Did  you try Ancestry.com? They put up some passport applications last 
year. The  brother of my ancestor in 1920 decided to take a pleasure trip to 
Cuba.  Although he was born in the states, their father was not and so it 
declared on  his passport which also included pictures of him and his wife. Good 
stuff when  you can find it.

Yes, I found her application about an hour ago. Just have translated it in  
German as well as the Oath of Allegiance. Will talk about it tomorrow night 
-  but first I have to finish my preparations. Now I have reached 1921, 
Arabella  Huntington still has to die and Johanna Riefer has to go back from 
High Society  to small rural town of St. Wendel in Germany. To become the 
"Dollar-Aunt"  :-)
Thanks for telling. 
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