[APG Public List] Years in citations

Judy frostfree12 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 5 17:24:21 MST 2009

This is a great series of questions.

Here's one that has plagued me: a case in chancery began in April Term 1904 but did not end until after sale of a small parcel of land and final order for distribution of the proceeds to heirs of a person who died in 1834 (heheheh, this jewel of a case gave 4 generations of descendants in most lines of descent).  The final order was in October Term 1909, and these cases were filed by the last date of Court activity, just to make it fun to find them.

I know that the formal case caption should be labeled with the Term in which the case commenced.  What is the best way to identify how the actual case file and final order can be found?  The docket and order books are labeled with date-ranges rather than serial numbers.  There are crucial documents in the case file (an original will from 1861, for instance) that bear evidence on matters not strictly defined by the Chancery case - such as the correct spelling of his own name by the autograph signature of the 1861 testator.

Thank you so much!


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