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Marian Pierre-Louis marianpl at fieldstonehistoricresearch.com
Wed Nov 4 19:10:06 MST 2009

One of the things that struck me about the video of Mary Penner's PMC talk
(http://apgen.org/publications/pmc_webcast.html )was that she was able to
get two grants during the course of her research.  It seems to me that
grants would not only be beneficial to individual researchers and the
genealogical community as a whole but the resultant work would be of benefit
to the historical community and the general population at large in so much
as it helps provide them with a better understanding of their own history.

I have found very little information available that would help genealogists
find research grants.  It seems to me that this would be a good topic for
the genealogical community and APG to embrace.  Where do we look for grants?
How do we find them?  What are the requirements for getting the grants?  Do
we need a special skill set for filling out the grant applications? And what
sort of realistic expectations should we have about the likelihood of
getting grants?

I would love to see an article about this in the APGQ.  I would love to see
speakers develop talks about this.  If you have experience in this area,
please share your knowledge!


Marian Pierre-Louis
Fieldstone Historic Research

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