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When I stated that some researchers have a "tendency..." as you quote below, it was not a statement on the GPS.  Rather it was a statement that some researchers "cannot see the forest for the trees," to use a cliche.  They get themselves so bogged down in the research PROCESS that they do not actually research effectively. They do things like dismiss census records (since that is what started the whole conversation) wholesale, because of a misunderstanding of the Standard.  This is not the fault of the GPS but of the ineffective use of the GPS by _some_ researchers.


As I went on to state in that email, proper use of the GPS is a very effective method for research.  Just as proper understanding of EVIDENCE EXPLAINED provides an effective method for record analysis, but improper understanding turns the work into a "fill in the blanks" citation guide.




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 I'm sorry, Jeanette and Michael, but you have lost me a bit here. I frankly don't see any connection at all between the GPS and someone choosing to "force something to be right" or someone else's "tendency to want to know everything out of a book." And as Elizabeth pointed out rather thoroughly, individual sources DO NOT measure up to the GPS. I am not even sure how one would attempt to make them do so. Indeed, the GPS deals with the variety of sources encountered during a reasonably exhaustive search for a given research task. 
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