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I think your assessment is mostly correct, although I would quibble with  
how you stated the question.  In your email, you asked: "does my analysis  
conform to the Genealogical Proof Standard?" Ordinarily, this is a question we 
 would ask of someone's research and analysis of a genealogical problem.   
Did the search, analysis and conclusion meet the expectations of the GPS?
Your article asks if census manuscripts meet the GPS.  I think this is  not 
quite the right question.  I think you are really asking: what do I  need 
to consider when evaluating information from a census manuscript?  You  hit 
on the central problems: who gave and who recorded the information?   Did 
they have reason to know the facts? Did they have any motive to give false  
I would also quibble with the statement that the GPS "prescribes a  
fool-proof method: a reasonably exhaustive search." A reasonably exhaustive  search 
is certainly a good thing, but to say a reasonably exhaustive search  makes 
your research fool-proof is probably a bit over optimistic.  Your  
conclusion, however, is sound: information from any source should be correlated  
(and hopefully corroborated) with information from other sources.  As I say  in 
an article I wrote for Family Chronicle, do the Three C's:  correlate, 
corroborate and conclude.
Thanks for sharing our article.  It is good food for thought.
Jay Fonkert, CG
St. Paul, MN
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I just posted an article in my Examiner column  regarding the reliability 
of federal census records.
I would love to have some feedback.  Does my  analysis conform to the 
Genealogical Proof Standard?
Here is the link:  _http://bit.ly/wEzux_ (http://bit.ly/wEzux) 
Michael Hait
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