[APG Public List] Footnote and special schedules

Connie Sheets clsheets1 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 3 13:57:07 MST 2009

Richard A. Pence wrote:

> Marie wrote:
> > I use the full schedules at NARA in DC so am not
> familiar with the missing
> > ones on Ancestry.
> >
> > Thanks for mentioning the ones that are missing.
> I don't think Connie intended to say that those films were
> missing from the 
> listing of NARA films, only that but one of the eight was
> digitized and on 
> line.
> If you say the other seven are "missing" from the NARA
> listing, then the 
> list you use is entirely "missing" - NARA has none of its
> microfilm on line.
> Of course, it is another issue if Ancestry is claiming all
> of the schedules 
> in its NARA microfilm are on line, but I don't believe that
> is the case.

Just to be clear, I did not intend to imply that Ancestry might be claiming they have NARA film online when they do not.  

However, one might incorrectly assume from Ancestry's list of National Archives records that the only thing in, for example, the 8 rolls of NARA Publication A1154 is the Washington Mortality Schedules.  

To find out what is actually in a NARA publication, one should go to the NARA website and read the publication details.

Connie Sheets


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