[APG Public List] ancestry - is there a "remember the passwort"function?

LBoswell laboswell at rogers.com
Tue Nov 3 13:17:17 MST 2009

I think if you re-enter your password and then simply don't log out at the 
end of the next session, you'll remain logged in.

That's how it works for me, I've not set any automatic log in or anything 
along that line.

If you then go to a second computer, without logging out from the first, you 
might find that your account freezes until you log out from one or the other

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  I had some trouble with my internet connection today and had to delete all 
my cookies. Now - while working with www.ancestry.com - the program requests 
to input name and password each time I enter. Is there a "remember" function 
to avoid this? There must be for until today I didn't have to do so.


  Roland Geiger, St. Wendel


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