[APG Public List] Donations to a historical society

Israel P IsraelP at pikholz.org
Mon Nov 2 06:29:50 MST 2009

This is kind of off-topic, but perhaps someone can help me out here.

My elderly mother, who lives here in Jerusalem, grew up in a small town 
in western Pennsylvania.  We are moving Mother to a nursing home and came 
across a video showing the fiftieth anniversary of on old schoolmate of 
hers, whose surnames (birth & married) I don't know.  The friend died a 
few years ago.  I think the husband died too.

So I asked the historical society in the town if they want the video, and 
they said they do.  So I mailed it a couple of weeks ago.  Today I 
received a "Deed of Gift" for signature.  I don't know the legal 
ramifications of this and don't really want to spend money asking a 
Pennsylvania attorney.  

Are we the "owner" who is in fact authorized to donate this?  Might this 
upset the friends family - if indeed she has any?  Is this more 
complicated than it is worth?

Israel Pickholtz

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