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The AFFHO Congresses, the most recent of which was in Auckland last year,
are held only every 3 years. The next one will be in Adelaide in 2012. We
don't get the enormous choice of genealogy conferences that many complain


Happy New Year all! (from Sydney, where it has been 2010 for a whole 12
hours now!) 


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For International conferences, you might consider the Australasian
Federation of Family History Organisations Congress, which in 2009 was a
five-day conference held at Kings College, Auckland. The local host was the
New Zealand Society of Genealogists, Inc.  


Or the largest annual genealogy conference in the English-speaking world,
which is the Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE!, or WDYTYAL, show held each
year in London, England. This conference typically attracts 10,000 to 15,000


Dick Eastman wrote about both of these conferences in past newsletters.



Eileen Souza

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I'm trying to plan my visits and possible sponsorships of genealogy
conferences next year.  So I searched and couldn't find a good list of all
the big conferences which might be worth traveling to (vague qualification I
know).  I created a list, but am sure I'm leaving some good events out.  In
particular, there must be some great non-US conferences and I have none


Here's the list:


what am I missing?

Scott Mueller
AppleTree - Family Tree of the World

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