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If you do use a slide copying service, make sure that you number or identify 
each of your slides individually  in some way,  keep a list of the slides 
sent (using that identifying information), and send a copy of that list with 
your order.  A colleague of mine had slides missing and not copied when he 
received his order back (and that was a carry-in order to a local firm).

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Has anyone used those services that will scan the slides for you (for $.29 a 
slide, or more if you want enhancements, cropping, etc.). I'm thinking it 
might be worthwhile just to save the time, and not to have ANOTHER piece of 
hardware hanging around after this one-time use. Any recommendations?


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On 27 Dec, 2009, at 10:14 AM, Liv Marit Haakenstad wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a Canon CanScan 8800F. It is expensive, but a very good one! I have
> tried negatives, and it was no problem printing it in 10x15.
> n+CanScan+8800F&x=0&y=0
> 261926716&sr=8-2-spell&condition=all
> nner/m47474258.html/search=Canon+CanScan+8800F/st=query
> Hilsen
> Liv Marit Haakenstad
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> I have several hundred 35mm slides (snapshots taken mainly in the 1970s 
> and
> '80s) that I want to convert to digitized images--just to preserve the
> family photos. I'm considering sending the slides off to a service to have
> them done rather than purchase a scanner to convert them myself. I'd
> appreciate any advice, recommendations, pointers from others who have used
> such services. Feel free to respond privately.
> Many thanks, in advance.
> Claire
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