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I was reasonably pleased with ScanmyPhotos I had 1500 family photographs scanned last spring. All I had to do is sort them and place them in a pre-paid mailing box. It couldn't have been any easier and I had them back in less than a week. I've had a scanner for a dozen years but I never managed to find the time to scan my entire collection. 

I learned about the company through a favorable review by David Pogue in the New York Times. 
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The company has a slide scanning service but I only had had photographs scanned so I can't comment on how they handle that. The scanning resolution meets or exceeds archival guidelines (2000 dpi). However, the cost is significantly higher than the $0.29/slide you mention in your e-mail. 

For economic reasons, I didn't have my photos scanned at archival resolutions. The 300 dpi resolution is acceptable for slide shows on my 17" monitor but I've not tried it with a PC projector or larger monitor. 

Then there is the issue of sending the family photos across the U.S. in the U.S. mail. I had room for another 500 photos in the box but I couldn't convince my daughter-in-law to add her photos for fear of losing them.  

My only disappointment was that I had a dozen or so scanned photos that came back rotated or flipped. Part of the attractive price is that ScanmyPhotos doesn't manually check for rotated or flipped photos so you need to package them carefully. They can be fixed easily but i felt a share of the problem was with ScanmyPhotos. 

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Has anyone used those services that will scan the slides for you (for $.29 a slide, or more if you want enhancements, cropping, 

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