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For a reflective time: I just ran across three principal biases identified in 
1974 and recounted by Jerome Groopman in 2009 in the context of medical 
diagnosis. They seem relevant to genealogical diagnosis as well!


	"anchoring," where a person overvalues the first data he encounters and so is 
skewed in his thinking;

	"availability," where recent or dramatic cases quickly come to mind and color 
judgment about the situation at hand; and

	"attribution," where stereotypes can prejudice thinking so conclusions arise 
not from data but from such preconceptions.

[end quote]

New York Review of Books 56(17):26, 5 November 2009, citing Amos Tversky and 
Daniel Kahneman, "Judgment Under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases: Bias in 
Judgments Reveals Some Heuristics of Thinking Under Uncertainty," Science 
I185(4157), 1974.


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