[APG Public List] predeceased by infant children

Jean R. Legried jraeleg at charter.net
Wed Dec 23 09:21:08 MST 2009

At 06:28 AM 12/23/2009, Ida Skarson McCormick wrote:
>In the case of 2 cousins who died in the last 6 months, one in 
>Michigan and one in Washington State, I have noticed that although 
>each lost a child in infancy, neither of those is in the obituary 
>"predeceased by" list. Is this a trend in the funeral industry? 
>There is not even an allusion to an "infant son."
>--Ida Skarson McCormick, idamc at seanet.com, Seattle
Ida ----------

Were these infant deaths talked about in the family? Perhaps the 
person(s) who gave the information for the obituary(ies) wasn't aware 
of the deaths, especially if it was an in-law.


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