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Jan and everyone else who replied:


This is the first I've had trouble viewing the page with IE. I tried
rebooting as well clearing the cache, but still had the problem. I did
switch over to Firefox and it came through fine. I guess the Christmas
gremlins were at work on the page in my computer. I did get to see the
article I wanted to. Thanks to all who replied.




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I had problems displaying content at http://blog.eogn.com using IE8 but it
displayed without errors using Mozilla Firefox. I get error messages when
displaying the page but the links to the newsletter work OK.  I am using
Windows XP and Windows 7. I upgraded my laptop to Windows 7 last week so I
can't duplicate your software configuration. I acquired the laptop in July
and never experienced all the Vista problems with reported on-line and in
the media. 

I'm guessing it an IE8 problem but maybe someone with your IE/Vista
configuration can confirm the problem. 

You might contact Dick Eastman directly at Richard at eastman.net

Good luck,

Ann Arbor, MI

On Sun, Dec 20, 2009 at 11:13 AM, Cheryl Brown Abernathy
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Happy Holidays to everyone. 


I'd like to know if anyone else is experiencing this problem with Dick
Eastman's Online Newsletter. I get the standard edition via e-mail; however,
if there is an article I want to finish reading, I follow the link.
Yesterday and today all I'm getting is his header and side navigation bars -
no articles. They appear to "flash" for a second and then are gone. If I
click on any of the navigation items, I get the same thing. I've not had
this problem before. I'm using IE 8 & Vista. I've turned off and rebooted my
machine. Any ideas or suggestions? 






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