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--- On Sat, 12/19/09, Carolyne Gould <carolyne_cwy at yahoo.ca> wrote:

> I may be wrong about this (and if I am, I am sure someone will let me 
> know); but I believe the program that produces YouTube videos works on 
> all platforms. Video and sound is all that should be needed to view.

     You are right - but there are valid reasons why Flash is a terrible idea. There are many security vulnerabilities in Flash, at least one of which is unpatched and which Adobe has no plans to patch. These vulnerabilities expose users running any platform to the risk of malware.
     Adobe claims that the unpatched flaw is due to webmasters' failure to implement proper security and that it is up to each site owner to correctly implement security to prevent exploitation of the flaw. That would carry more weight if security researchers had not found that many of Adobe's _own_ pages are not secured from this flaw. In other words, it is not a simple matter for every webmaster to fix. (Also, these are the same people who degrade the performance of your computer simply to disguise how poorly-written their software truly is.)
     Also, any cross-platform format is that much more attractive to crackers.
     That is not to say you don't have your points. Silverlight is an odd choice, to say the least. But Flash would have been an even worse choice.
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