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Carolyne Gould carolyne_cwy at yahoo.ca
Fri Dec 18 13:59:24 MST 2009

I'm glad this test run has been put online; but, unfortunately I 
cannot watch the presentations. The system requires Microsoft 
Silverlight. I run a Macintosh. My version is OS 10.2.8 --- but the 
minimum Silverlight requirement on a Mac is 10.4.8.


Hope others found the programs fruitful.


At 9:12 AM -0500 12/17/09, Jan Tripp wrote:
>I think this is what you had in mind. It appeared in the October 
>2009 APG President's Message.
>For several years APG has been interested in leveraging the 
>excellent content of our annual Professional Management Conference 
>to benefit more members. We want to expand our ability to educate 
>our members and the public. As a result of a trial partnership with 
>FamilySearch, APG is making available three presentations from the 
>2009 APG Professional Management Conference, which took place on 
>September 2 at the FGS Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.
>Lectures by Heather Henderson, Mary Penner, and Elissa Scalise 
>Powell, are available, free of charge, to APG members as well as the 
>general public as a "trial balloon" to see how well this rich 
>professional educational opportunity is received. In the future, we 
>will explore options for pay-per-view, live streaming video, and 
>other possibilities so that more of our members and prospective 
>members can benefit from the PMC when attending the conference isn't 
>Visit the PMC Webcast page at 
>We are very interested in your feedback regarding this experiment, 
>so be sure to send any impressions (positive or negative) to our 
>Executive Director at <mailto:admin at apgen.org>admin at apgen.org."
>Ann Arbor
>On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 2:24 AM, Kathy Rippel 
><<mailto:twinmom22 at cox.net>twinmom22 at cox.net> wrote:
>In the last few months, I believe, someone posted a link about some 
>free web videos from one of the conferences. I can't seem to find 
>either the appropriate post OR the proper website.
>Could someone help me here; I'll finally have some time to watch 
>during the holidays.

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