[APG Public List] TMG timelines

Ray Beere Johnson II raybeere at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 18 10:46:58 MST 2009

     Read the instructions on the site. You have to unzip the files in the directory (folder) where your copy of TMG will look for them. That depends on your installation. Thus, I can't help you because I don't know the details of your installation. The website explains where to look, though.
     Then, TMG opens them. The DOC file is not a Word file - this is a classic illustration of why the Windows "file types" scheme is doomed to cause problems in certain situations.
                             Ray Beere Johnson II

--- On Fri, 12/18/09, Valerie Stern <wolawol at gmail.com> wrote:

> <http://www.tmgtips.com/timelines.htm>
> Can anyone help with downloading from this website? When I try to open 
> NJCO.DOC in Word, it says "Word cannot start the converter mswrd632.wpc 
> I had no luck trying to open it with other programs, either.


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