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I think this is what you had in mind. It appeared in the October 2009 APG
President's Message.


For several years APG has been interested in leveraging the excellent
content of our annual Professional Management Conference to benefit more
members. We want to expand our ability to educate our members and the
public. As a result of a trial partnership with FamilySearch, APG is making
available three presentations from the 2009 APG Professional Management
Conference, which took place on September 2 at the FGS Conference in Little
Rock, Arkansas.

Lectures by Heather Henderson, Mary Penner, and Elissa Scalise Powell, are
available, free of charge, to APG members as well as the general public as a
"trial balloon" to see how well this rich professional educational
opportunity is received. In the future, we will explore options for
pay-per-view, live streaming video, and other possibilities so that more of
our members and prospective members can benefit from the PMC when attending
the conference isn't possible.

Visit the PMC Webcast page at
http://www.apgen.org/publications/pmc_webcast.html. We are very interested
in your feedback regarding this experiment, so be sure to send any
impressions (positive or negative) to our Executive Director at
admin at apgen.org."

Ann Arbor

On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 2:24 AM, Kathy Rippel <twinmom22 at cox.net> wrote:

> In the last few months, I believe, someone posted a link about some free
> web videos from one of the conferences. I can't seem to find either the
> appropriate post OR the proper website.
> Could someone help me here; I'll finally have some time to watch during the
> holidays.
> Kathy
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