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Alright. Thank you all for responding. I didn't realize that I could get that information from the state if the marriage occurred more than 50 years ago (which it barely did.) I will see if my client comes up with anything. If he doesn't, I will try to expedite the record out of New Jersey. Because of course he wants this done before Christmas. 

Thanks again for your help, 

Todd White 

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Hi Todd,
New Jersey marriage records are available except 
those that occurred within the last fifty years. Both of the marriage records 
you need should be able to be accessed through the state office or the towns 
where the couples were married. See http://www.state.nj.us/health/vital/gen.shtml. Good 
luck with your search.
Sandy Thalmann

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      I'm sure this question is probably too broad, but I'm 
        going to ask it anyway. My client thought he knew his grandmothers 
        maiden name but I cannot find her using that name. I'm creating a family 
        tree for him but without her name I can only explore his grandfathers 
        side of the family. 

I would get the information off of their 
        marriage license, however, they were married sometime around 1940 in New 
        Jersey. There are no marriage records I can access from a date as recent 
        as 1940. 

To top it off, we are in the same situation with his 
        great grandmother. He doesn't know her maiden name. She was married to 
        her husband in 1911. Again, too recent to access any marriage license. I 
        checked familysearch.org. I checked every resource I know of. 

Does anyone have any advice on looking up more recent 

Thank you all, 

Todd White 


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