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Carole Riley carole at heritagegenealogy.com.au
Sun Dec 13 20:55:45 MST 2009

I've been using two different trackballs for years now for my own arthritis
- one for my laptop and a second for my desk (same laptop). I find that not
moving the mouse around is easier on the wrist and the hand in general, and
clicking with the thumb was easier on my index finger, which was finding the
clicking more painful. The main one I use is different from the picture in
that the ball is on the right and so moved with the 3rd and 4th fingers and
is high enough that my hand is at a natural angle. The 2nd is like the 2nd
one in the picture. I find that alternating between two different styles
stops my hand getting sore from doing the same thing all the time.


Sorry, I didn't answer your question! The answer is no. I'd be interested to
hear from anyone who has.

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Anyone have the Evoluent mouse?  I'm hearing that it's much easier on the 
wrist.  Lately I've been manually searching registers online so anything 
that eases wrist pain is of interest.



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