[APG Public List] false email addresses

Ray Beere Johnson II raybeere at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 8 16:17:12 MST 2009


--- On Tue, 12/8/09, LBoswell <laboswell at rogers.com> wrote:

> Always something strange about the phrasing too, that makes it clear 
> what they are.

     Usually, you're right. But be careful. I've seen a handful of instances where the spelling and phrasing gave nothing at all away - and, as you'd guess, those messages led to the most sophisticated and dangerous traps of all.
     In fact, there are two distinct types of these things. The first are sent out at random: they get a list of names, e-mails, whatever, and automatically generate a ton of messages. These are the ones you see all the time. They are fairly easy to spot, if you don't let your guard down. Over 99% of all dangerous messages fall into this class, for obvious reasons, which lulls many people into assuming _every_ dangerous message is so easy to spot.
     There is another class, where you, or your site, are targeted _specifically_. Even if you are not wealthy, you may be chosen. There are supposedly several reasons you could be singled out. The only examples I've personally seen involve those who have at least a fair amount of "Google juice", and are more indirect. They are not so much interested in your own details (although I'm sure they'd take those, too) as in attacking clients, or would-be clients, who visit your web site or who deal with you. If you fall victim to one of these, there might be few signs of trouble. And, although some still have flaws, they are, overall, less obvious, and a few are carefully crafted.
                             Ray Beere Johnson II


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