[APG Public List] false email addresses

LBoswell laboswell at rogers.com
Tue Dec 8 15:55:55 MST 2009

thanks Ray,  those are good suggestions.  I deleted the messages without 
clicking on the link.  Good thing most of these spammers make more spelling 
mistakes than even I do.  Always something strange about the phrasing too, 
that makes it clear what they are.

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--- On Tue, 12/8/09, LBoswell <laboswell at rogers.com> wrote:

> I've received a couple of emails suggesting I look at a certain link
> concerning genealogy. Problem is that on the surface they look like
> addresses of people that I know. But what alerted me was how it was
> phrased (looked like typical spam wording, big Hi! and then the
> suggestion). The two today seem to be from people I have listed as
> Facebook contacts rather than lists.
> just a word of caution to watch for these.

     That's an interesting new variation! Thanks for the warning. I would 
add one suggestion to it - be sure you're using a browser which lets you do 
this, and check the destination of the link before you click on it. Even if 
the message looks completely legitimate.
     There are only two types of links it is 100% safe to trust: ones you 
created yourself, and ones you check the destination of before you visit.
     Of course, there is another level of protection everyone should have. 
Most "drive-by" malware points back to known bad servers, so get a 
reasonably up-to-date list, and put it in your HOSTS file. That way, when 
you know where you're going, but that site has been hacked, you will still 
sometimes be safe. Not always, but every bit helps.
                                 Ray Beere Johnson II

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