[APG Public List] Re : APGPublicList Digest, Vol 2, Issue 11 - Re: Electrical Storm Protection

larcher kathryn larcher_kathryn at yahoo.fr
Mon Aug 31 06:46:17 MDT 2009

"Richard A. Pence" <richardpence at pipeline.com> wrote:
<I thought I signed up for the APG public list that deals with genealogy but 
<I apparently mistakenly signed up for the one of LIghtening Protection.
<Can someone direct me to the proper list?

I completely agree with you Richard.
FYI, yes Virginia, there _IS_ a computer list at rootsweb ( and thus for genealogical geeks and non-geeks): 
To contact the COMPUTERS list administrator, send an email to
COMPUTERS-admin at rootsweb.com.

Kathryn Larcher
French Roots Genealogy

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