[APG Public List] OT - deal on HP 88 ink cartridges

Carolyn Earle Billingsley cebillingsley at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 30 11:04:30 MDT 2009

Same thing happened to my Jim. Thunderstorm last week, with no 
_apparent_ lightening strike in the area (no trees, etc., hit) but blew 
out his modem, his keyboard and mouse (not computer), two TVs (but not a 
third one), his cordless phones, his satellite TV system, and his 
automatic adjustable bed (naturally it "froze" in a weird position!). 
Did not get refrigerator, freezer, other things.

Also it did not damage anything in other family members' houses, 
although we're all clustered together.

Most everything was hooked up to surge protectors. I whined and asked, 
what use are surge protectors; aren't they supposed to prevent that? And 
Jim--who knows more about practical things like electricity than I'll 
ever know about genealogy--said nothing stops lightning.

I *will* say, however, that one of my daughters had one of those surge 
protectors with a guarantee. When lightning blew out her computer, she 
actually had the guarantee and sales receipt, and was able to take 
advantage of the guarantee to get money for a new computer. Of course, 
she had to go through hell to get it. But how many of us know where our 
surge protector guarantees are?

And, yet, what are you to do? Around here, it can come up a thunderstorm 
twice a day, on many days. And lightning can strike out of the blue, 
literally, even when there's no immediate storm. Do you really think I 
have the time to stop working and go around the house unplugging all my 
electrical appliances every single time? Lightning is lightning. If it's 
really close, unplug what is most important to you. But mostly, it's 
just one of those things that you hope doesn't happen.

Keep backups of everything. Like others, I use Mozy, plus various 
external hard drives.

Regards, Carolyn

Debbie Parker Wayne wrote:
> One reminder to all - even a UPS won't always protect devices from 
> electrical fluctuations in a storm. This is my caution to make this 
> message on-topic and useful to all the list members.
> Due to a lightning strike I can offer someone a very good deal on HP 88 
> ink cartridges. Contact me off list if you are interested in a good deal 
> on HP 88XL black, HP88 yellow, two HP88 cyan, and two HP88 magenta ink 
> cartridges for HP OfficeJet Pro K550, K5400, K8400, L7550, L7580, L7590, 
> L7650, L7680, L7750, L7780 printers. I can hand deliver to Little Rock 
> saving shipping charges. <grin>
> Just as I was thinking I should shut down my PC as a storm neared there 
> was a peal of thunder immediately followed by a loud pop in my office. 
> So far we have discovered we lost two printers (completely dead), a 
> large monitor (only red colors display now), a USB hub, a USB port on a 
> PC, a network port on a PC, the network router, one cordless telephone, 
> and the HDMI output on the DirecTV receiver (or the HDMI input port to 
> the TV). The printer/FAX caused the telephone line to be dead until we 
> disconnected the phone line from it. These devices were scattered on 
> three different UPS devices and several surge protectors.
> I now believe those warnings that say you should shut down and 
> disconnect electronic devices from AC when a storm approaches.

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