[APG Public List] 19th century middle initials and names

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I don't like to speculate on what an initial might represent, but I'd start
with his mother's maiden name, then look at the names of his uncles, too.  

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The name is "John C._______"   I have no other evidence for the parents of
this man; if I knew his full middle name, it might point toward family

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Jay, in my experience, which is, of course, not all inclusive, my opinion is
that he did, indeed, HAVE a middle name, which may even have been a female
forebearer's surname. 

He may also have used the initial to differentiate himself from another
person with his first name. 

But I do not think _all_ he had was an initial for a middle name, although
he used it that way.

I'd also like to know what his _first_ name was, as some given names are
paired together--such as William Asbury, Martin Luther, George Washington,
Finish Leech, Oliver Hazard Perry, Marcus Aurelius, etc. Regards, Carolyn

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jfonkert at aol.com wrote: 

Good morning to all.  I am working on a man who lived in Kentucky from about
1795-1825, probably born about 1777.  Throughout this Kentucky period, he
was consistently known with the middle initial "C."   A full middle name is
never spelled out.  Can anyone tell me, is it likely that "C." stood for a
middle given name?  Or might it have just been an initial?
Jay Fonkert, CG

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