[APG Public List] 19th century middle initials and names

Carolyn Earle Billingsley cebillingsley at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 27 11:09:24 MDT 2009

Jay, in my experience, which is, of course, not all inclusive, my 
opinion is that he did, indeed, HAVE a middle name, which may even have 
been a female forebearer's surname.

He may also have used the initial to differentiate himself from another 
person with his first name.

But I do not think _all_ he had was an initial for a middle name, 
although he used it that way.

I'd also like to know what his _first_ name was, as some given names are 
paired together--such as William Asbury, Martin Luther, George 
Washington, Finish Leech, Oliver Hazard Perry, Marcus Aurelius, etc. 
Regards, Carolyn

Carolyn Earle Billingsley, Ph.D.
Member APG, Lone Star Chapter

jfonkert at aol.com wrote:
> Good morning to all.  I am working on a man who lived in Kentucky from 
> about 1795-1825, probably born about 1777.  Throughout this Kentucky 
> period, he was consistently known with the middle initial "C."   A 
> full middle name is never spelled out.  Can anyone tell me, is it 
> likely that "C." stood for a middle given name?  Or might it have just 
> been an initial?
> Jay Fonkert, CG
> <http://fourgenerationsgenealogy.blogspot.com/>
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