[APG Public List] APG members list only question

Israel P IsraelP at pikholz.org
Thu Aug 27 06:16:23 MDT 2009

As long as we are asking about the "Members Only" list - did the rest of 
you get the "subscription confirmation" drill?  I got it here but not 
there and am wondering if my subscription was accepted.

In both caese, I asked for digest mode..

Israel Pickholtz

On 27 Aug 2009 at 12:00, apgpubliclist-request at apgen.org wrote:

> When I attempted to sign up for the "members only" APG list, I was given
> an
> option of whether I wanted no "copies"  and whether I wanted no
> "duplicates." What is the difference? Thank you.
> Rondina

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