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APG Staff

APG Committees

  • Advocacy Committee
    Kelvin L. Meyers (Chair & RPAC Representative)*
    Billie Fogarty
    Michael Goldstein
    Eric Stroschein
    * chair to appoint a second RPAC representative

  • APGQ Advisory Committee
    Harold Henderson, CG (Chair)
    Bruce Durie
    Debra A. Hoffman
    Deborah Hooper, CG

  • Awards Committee
    Darcie Hind Posz, CG (Chair)
    Janice S. Prater
    Louise St Denis

  • Chapter Review Committee
    Diane Gravel, CG (Chair & Chapter Liaison)
    Jan Gow
    Char Mitts
    Laura G. Prescott
    Tina Sansone

  • International Committee
    Catherine Desmarais, CG (Chair)
    Paul A. Blake, England
    Tim Firkowski (U.S./Poland)
    Fiona Fitzsimons (Ireland)
    Roland Geiger (Germany)
    Melanie D. Holtz, CG (U.S./Italy)
    Maggie Loughran (England)
    Peter Nagy (Slovakia)

  • Nominations Committee
    Laura G. Prescott (elected) (Chair)
    Debra Braverman (elected)
    Tina Sansone (appointed)

  • Professional Development Committee
    Melanie D. Holtz, CG (Chair)
    Sheri Fenley
    Jean Wilcox Hibben, CG
    Kimberly T. Powell
    Craig Roberts Scott, CG

  • Professional Management Conference (PMC) Committee
    Anastasia Sutherland Harman (Coordinator)
    Corinne Knasinski (Site Coordinator)
    Corey B. Oiesen (Publicity)
    Beverly Rice (Registration)
    Valerie Eicher Lair (Volunteers)

  • Professional Review Committee
    For questions about professional review, please contact

  • Publications Advisory Committee
    Amy E.K. Arner (Chair)
    Diane Rapaport
    J.H. (Jay) Fonkert, CG

  • Youth Committee - New Committee!
    Kenyatta D. Berry (Co-chair)
    Jean Wilcox Hibben, CG (Co-chair)
    Melanie Frick
    Eva Goodwin
    Melissa A. Johnson
    Darcie Hind Posz, CG
    Mary Tedesco

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